Kodak the company is certainly not dead yet, but are they far off? The once photographic giant, Kodak, is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Everyone knows who Kodak is right? If you are over 30 and hear the name Kodak you think of photographs and film right? What if you are 20 or even worse yet in your teens? You probably don’t know who Kodak is. I bet no matter what your age you know what the iPhone is and who makes it.

There is part of Kodak’s problem, mobile phones. New mobile phone have really nice camera’s and by far and away are the most used camera anywhere. People today use photos to display on social sites like Facebook and Twitter. Most photos taken today are never printed. Kodak’s entire business model was based on film cameras and printing photos. They did not move fast enough when digital started to take hold. Now they are moving into Chapter 11 because of their inability to adapt.

The Apple iPhone 4 is now the most widely used camera on Flickr. Why? Because it’s a camera that is always with you. A DSLR and many compact point-n-shoot cameras take better photos than the iPhone 4, but they are tucked away in your backpack, car, or just left at home.

Many professional photographers complain about the lack of print sales too. People just don’t look at photography the same way they once did. Everyone has a camera and many of those are as good as or close to the cameras owned by professionals. When someone hires a photographer they are no longer hiring a professional with better gear than their own, they are simply hiring a professional. The skill of the photographer is what matters now, not the quality of his gear.

Kodak is a great example of how a business needs to adapt or get out of the way for those that do.