I am sure many professions have difficult “professionals”, but photography seems to have its fair share of self absorbed, low self-esteem, gear head, jerks.  I do a lot of reading about photography, I love the hobby and I am always looking to learn and grow. My reading often comes across discussions by so called professionals.  These professionals are opening complaining about their clients or the fact that some one is taking pictures for free.

Now don’t take my criticism the wrong way.  I have run across some wonderful professional photographers, but some prominent ones give the profession a bad name.  I had some recent interactions with Scott Bourne, a well know professional photographer. Scott unfortunately is one of those guys that drive people to despise professional photographers.

Today I read a post by a professional photographer who complain that the bride’s father was taking pictures with his “professional” camera. He complained that the guy paying the bill is taking photos, really? Watch out for professional photographer that are more concerned with gear than they are about their own skill.

If you are looking for a professional photographer make sure you meet with them and ask them enough questions to get an idea of their approach to photography.   If they have an attitude during your initial meeting run, run very far away.